Established in 1972, HI-S World initially focused on the Pulp and Paper industry and brought in reputable and world-class suppliers of machineries to paper mills in the Philippines. During the company’s formative years, we initially specialized in the forming, pressing and drying section of the paper machines wherein we supplied the necessary forming fabrics, press felts, rotary joints/syphons and other essential components.

Through the years, we have grown into becoming an integral partner among our established principal suppliers from Japan, USA, Europe and China.

At the turn of the century, after having gained more than two decades of experience, knowledge and expertise, HI-S World expanded our portfolio to include other machinery parts, systems and accessories, such as: doctoring systems, refiner plates, ceramic foils, conical cleaners, slitter blades and others.

Our role in optimizing production and the operation of various mills became our company’s mission, elevating our work into more strategic services to ensure that we deliver on the rapid and efficient growth expected by clients.

As emerging technologies caused the decline in the need for printing and writing papers, most of the mills shifted into producing packaging products with the exponential growth of online deliveries and global trades. The need for higher-strength packaging boxes required new chemicals, thus, the expansion of our business into the chemical category. This shift allowed HI-S World to continue our commitment to our partner clients in helping them achieve the rigorous demands of the industry.

Our commitment in the essential need to protect the environment from hazardous waste led us to integrating Industrial Water-Treatment into our business portfolio, in the hopes of upholding sustainable development towards the future.

Through the experience gained and expertise developed throughout the more than 40 years of success in the Philippine market, our long-standing partnerships with principals led us in expanding our operations to include Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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To continually enhance the efficiency of paper production among our trusted partners, we aim to expand our reach and establish a global footprint in the coming years. By initially setting up liaison offices and warehouses throughout the Southeast Asian region, we will continue expanding our reach to become a global leader and entrusted solutions provider in the Pulp and Paper, and Industrial Water-Treatment Industries.